Hard Drive installation problems

I have just checked my WD hard drive. It does not have a pin shunt on the read pins slot. Is this required. I want to use this as a slave (secondary) drive.
I also ran a diagnostics and the system states I have an IDe drive and not a sata. Could this be the reason I can not get the PC to read my new drive? I'm at a loss.
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  1. You haven't listed your motherboard or hard drive model. IDE drives have a 40 pin data connection, otherwise it's SATA. SATA drives do not have a master/slave configuration, so no need to mess with any shunts.
  2. This is a P4 processor with dual SATA connections. That's what so strange. I have SATA cables and drives unless they retrofitted a IDE drive from "D" but the WD diagnostics listed I had an IDE drive. The SATA drive didn't have any jumper pins at all and I was concerned that it might require pins 1 & 2 jumpered as stated in the manual. I'll try looking at the bios but will still be "Lost at Sea".
  3. If you have your BIOS set for IDE compatability mode vs. ACHI then some programs may report it as an IDE drive. Also, some ACHI bios's will report as IDE just for compatability sake.

    Anyhow, as stated, SATA drives don't need master/slave shunts since each drive is on an individual port where as IDE (PATA) drives could have two devices per port.
  4. Don't know about the bios settings much but I did see where the second drive was turned off. corrected that. Guess I need to bite the bullet and look at all of bios. Good news is now I do see the second hard drive. Thanks!!
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