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My wife took her Samsung Q320 hard drive to Geek Squad. Long story short, they removed the hard drive, gave it back to me, and sent the laptop back to Samsung for repairs. When I got the laptop back and went to put the hard drive back in, I noticed there is some sort of connector missing between the laptop and its hard drive. Since I didn't remove the hard drive, I don't know what type of connector this is or even what it is called. I checked out you tube (see link above) and saw that a laptop hard drive/ hard drive bay that looked extremely similar to mine had a small plastic connector between the hard drive and the computer.

Question: Best Buy lost that connector, whatever it is. What is the name of that connector so that I can search for it online and buy a new one? Is this a "proprietary" type connector that I have to get through Samsung or is this something like a SATA cable where one size mostly fits all that I can just buy anywhere? I've tried looking on NewEgg and such but can't seem to find a part that looks right.

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