Bios said hard drive failed but tech guy says it\'s fine it was unpartitioned in

bios said hard drive failed but tech guy says it's fine it was unpartitioned and just had to reload vista but couldnt recover any he right? He just put the 500GB hardrive in a few months he ran the same bios saw where I had run it 3x's and the two he ran it it said fine...but ALL my data was gone unretrieveable and suddelny the loud clicking & whirring has stopped?????
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  1. maybe they were right, maybe not.
    if you have a problem with bios, try to reset your cmos first. after that you can check your harddisk using bootable cd like minipe or hiren..( you can search on google, what is minipe or hiren), if that bootable cd can read your harddisk, try to recover your data using the equipment tools contained within the cd minipe or hiren.

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