What happens when the BIOs update fails?

..and you tryed everything to fix it? So the last option is to buy a new motherboard?
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  1. If the cost is affordable and the motherboard is worth the expense, you could ship it to the manufacturer to get it fixed. You could also RMA it if it still is under warranty.
  2. I think at least some motherboards, when the flash fails, do NOT reboot so you can always try re-flashing just after a failed one. For this reason it can be a good idea to have a copy of any other BIOS version (or backup your current one) at hand if it happens. However, if the computer shuts down or reboot, unless very lucky, you might be screwed and will have to follow GhislainG advice.
  3. When did you buy the board and from what site, store did you buy it from?
  4. If you can not get it to reflash, you can buy a preprogramed EEPROM chip for around $25 bones at http://www.biosman.com/ Very Promt service, I E-mailed them on a Friday at 3:00 PM Pacific and had a new chip Tuesday Afternoon. Then sent the erased 1 and had it reprogrammed with a different Bios for a total of $37 and used it as a back-up

    PS: If your using a budget or out-dated board it may not be worth it.
  5. I agree, if its under warranty just RMA and forget about the issue, if not then take festers advice......And if all else fails...meaning the board is not worth 37$ or more, go outside and throw it like a frisbee....... that should relieve some of the tension......
  6. Lol I'm going to take the advise on going outside and throwing it like a frisbee. I tryed everything thats possible to revive it but nothing worked. Its a unexspensive board anyway plus its out-dated, so I'm going to buy a new motherboard. I'm gonna switch to an Intel platform with this opportunity, by buying a new motherboard and cpu and using my good ol' parts such as ram, gpu, psu, etc.

    Btw whats the most popular Mobo out of the LGA 775 selection? I'm pretty sure its the P45 chipset with a Intel ICE10 southbrige but i'm not that sure.

    The CPU I'm going to purchase is a Intel Core 2 Duo E8500. Its mainly for gaming.
  7. Bump!
  8. The Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R and GA-EP45-UD3P (Crossfire) are good choices. So are the Asus P5Q and P5Q-E (Crossfire).
  9. Sweeet mobos.
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