Seagate portable hard drive no longer recognised by computer


My 500GB Seagate portable hard drive has just decided to stop working. The light comes on when connected to USB port but nothing is recognised on the computer at all. Seagate website says no drivers are required on the device, it is automatically recognised on Windows.

I have tried this on 8 different computers so far, all USB ports on all and same problem is continuing. If anyone can help with this would be much appreciated.
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  1. Have you tried using a different USB cable? Also, does your external drive require an external power supply (and is it connected)?

    Check the cable first and then try again. If that fails (and it had worked perviously) you likely have a defective external HDD and you may need to RMA it with Seagate (repair/exchange it).

    Last, had it ever worked before?
  2. a friend asked me to look at their seagate freeagent hdd. it had been working until they moved, now when they plug it in it isnt recognised. sounded like it was damaged during the move. they have a mac running osx.

    i plugged it into my laptop running win7. recognised it straight away installed drivers and started up. they asked me to get a copy of data on there. i seleceted all > copy > paste. Explorer crashed. left it running in No Responding state for about half hr before giving up and killing processes. when I restarted, device not recognised. just like on their mac.

    i've tried re-isntalling drivers. i got no idea. it seems weird. I assume next time they plug it into a new pc for first time it'll get recognised again. if I ever get a chance to test and confirm i'll let you know.
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