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So, I bought a q9400 to go into my new comp. I plan to use the stock heatsink/fan since I don't plan to overclock. I might later on buy a better heatsink/fan setup. I thought that thermal paste would come with the CPU, since I've been told it usually does. I opened it up and found none. I think it might already be pre-applied but I'm not sure. This picture is what my heat sink looks like, but with a bit more grey then what is shown.


Is the grey stuff thermal paste pre-applied? I'm pretty sure it is. If its not what is it? If it is, is that enough? Should I go buy some and put some on there?
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  1. the grey stuff on the heatsink is the paste .

    you are good to go
  2. yup, your good !
  3. I've never bought a CPU that came with any thermal compund. However, every heatsink I've ever purchased does come with it either pre-applied, or in a separate container.

    The amount that is pre-applied is always a suggested amount, and usually works.

    Personally I scrape it off, clean it with rubbing alcohol, and apply aftermarket compund.
  4. Well, when I meant I thought the CPU would come with it, I meant the whole setup, like the heatsink/fan and cpu with thermal paste somewhere. But thanks for the info, glad it is what it is. There is more applied to the heatsink I have than in that picture so I think it should be fine, now that I know what it is. Thanks!
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