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Hey, I'm looking for a video card but I'm not sure if my motherboard can take an external card, or which kinds would work with it. Anyone know potential cards for an nvidia MCP73 motherboard?
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  1. What resolution is your monitor? Is this for gaming? What CPU do you have?
  2. Monitor is a 22 inch, and displays 1680 by 1050. The graphics card will be used primarily for gaming, and it has a Q6600 CPU. It doesn' t need to be top of the line, I was just looking for more, what would fit with that Motherboard, and what would be the best value.
  3. GTX260 or HD4870 arnt the TOP but very good card.
  4. The GTX 260 (55nm) are under 200 bucks and a heck of a deal. I got mine before the price plunge, still worth it.
  5. and my board can take either Nvidia or ATI? I thought some boards could only take one or the other.
  6. NM. even a SLI board can have ATI card ... the only thing you can do is CF on a SLI board or VIS VERSA. new X58 chipset can do both SLI and CF
  7. Ok, thats good. I checked out those two you mentioned, both look good, I'll see if i can decide on one, thanks :D
  8. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102810

    That is generally faster than this:


    Both are good cards however and should be more than adequate for your needs.
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