Acer aspire m3641 won\'t boot from g skill 128mb ssd

my acer aspire m3641 won't boot from g skill titon 128mb ssd but i can see it in bios and windows ( my computer ) os is vista
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  1. What process did you use to install your OS on it?
    What happens when you try to boot?
  2. did not install os as computer said could not find hard disk when i try to boot from ssd i get blue screen windows stops and reboots and does same again .forgot what message said will have alook later if you need to know the ssd has been put in a freinds computer and works fine he has put os on it but still can not boot from it if i change to standard hdd and boot all ok but slow to start in vista i can read and write to ssd and format.SSD has been set to first boot in bios still no luck been messing about with this drive for five weeks.
  3. omg that is so hard to read when you don't use a period to separate different ideas into sentences so try to make it easier on people trying to help you know what I mean its just more effort on the readers part just a suggestion thanks.

    Anyways, are you saying you didn't install the OS on it? How did the OS get onto it? If it's recognized in the BIOS, you should be able to boot from an install CD and then set it up (partition/format) then install. You can't just copy the OS from another disk drive, it needs to be installed.

    What mode do you have it set up in BIOS (IDE or AHCI)?
  4. there is ide in bios and on mother board, but have them disabled.The ssd is set up as sata.I have not seen AHCI in bios.My friend installed os on his machine.thats how i know ssd works ok.
  5. Have had a look in the bios and the ssd is set to third ide master
  6. If he installed the OS while the drive was attached to his machine, and you moved the drive to YOUR machine, that could cause problems.

    Different motherboard drivers
    Different BIOS settings (SATA drives can run in 2 modes, AHCI (better) or IDE (compatible with older systems). There should be a method in your BIOS to change this.

    What you should do is install the OS from your computer, not try to run the version installed on his.
  7. The problem is when i run the vesta setup disk to insall windows,and ssd is set to first drive to boot there is a choice of where to install new os.
    The window is blank where ssd should be, and a message NO HARD DRIVE.
    So i boot from my standard hdd , when windows has loaded it see's the ssd , and i can read and write to it
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