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I own an Hp pavilion A1230n computer. Bone stock except for an Nvidia Geforce 8600 gt card i just added. And now it just doesnt have the power to push everything and shuts down. Ive been looking into purchasing a bigger one. But it needs to fit into the case. The HP part numer of the PSU is 5188-029. The parts guy at Hp is no help at all. After a bit of searching i found this site http://www.cputopia.com/hp-480w-hp-pavilion-a1230n.html. From reading customer reviews they seem a bit shady. So i went to the manufacturer site at http://www.logisyscomputer.com/ but i cant find the part there. I also see that www.newegg.com is a listed dealer for them. Problem is none of these sites offer phone numbers and i cant seem to get an email response. If anyone has any insight or helpful information on my situation, i would be thankful. I cant seem to get anywhere finding one.

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  1. It looks like ATX layout, can you please post a picture of the inside of your case?
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