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Ok, so I've tried searching the forums and couldn't find anything specific that features some of the newer HDDs out there.

I am building 2 rigs at the same time and noticed recently on NewEgg that there are some killer deals on 1TB HDD Bare Drives. I am trying to figure out what is a good setup and what is worth the money.

I KNOW 7200 rpm > 5400 rpm and I KNOW rpm is the biggest deciding factor in HDD speed, what I am trying to figure out is what is the appreciable difference, if any, and if its worth the extra (almost) 30 USD it seems to add.

I am also curious if you guys feel like booting to a SSD is worth the money. I am thinking of having a simple little 40 GB SSD as my 'primary' drive that windows and all my drivers are on and having the internal HDDs for the data.

As I said, I know SSD is ultra fast, I know 7200 rpm > 5400 rpm. I am trying to figure out if the difference is worth the almost 130 USD extra.
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    I've posted a video that shows the difference between booting and starting Firefox from a "green" drive and an SSD here. Beyond that, it's really an individual decision. For me, it's a no brainer, spend the extra money. But if money is dearer to you then you might arrive at a different conclusion.

    I will opine that a "green" (~5400rpm) drive is a poor choice as an OS drive both for performance reasons and because it spins down after a period of inactivity. Since the OS drive is frequently accessed by the OS, the result is that the drive often spins up and down repeatedly.

    An SSD for the OS and either a standard or green drive for bulk data storage makes a lot of sense, IMHO.
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  3. I appreciate the help alot.

    I posted this same query on another forum and the general consensus seems to fit with your point of view. Whats killing me is that I am building 2 rigs simultaneously, so every cost is (essentially) doubled for me.

    The purchase may just have to wait a bit.
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