Graphics card for 300 watt system

I want to upgrade my graphics card from an integrated one on my dell inspiron 530. The problem is i only have a 300 watt psu. The one that i am looking at is the ati 4550, which needs a minimum of 300 watts psu. So would this work on my computer with these specs?

intel core 2 duo E7200 processor
250GB hardrive
1 dvd drive
300watt psu with 18amps on the 12v

Also is there anything better then this that wont fry my system, i dont really want to upgrade my power supply so whats best?
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  1. First question to mind: why do you want to upgrade?

    But to answer your question without context: ATI 4350 (~30$) or ATI 4550 (~45$).
  2. You can run the 4650/70. Is this upgrade for gaming purposes?
  3. Upgrade for light gaming, somehting that can run cod4, i dont mind if its on low. I dont want to upgrade the PSu.
  4. What resolution will you be playing at?
  5. Just googled a bit and it seems the 4670 only draws about 15W more than the 4550 under load so I guess it could also work on a 300W PSU. The performance gain compared to a 4550 is about 2-3 times more FPS, which means many games would be playable at resolutions above 800x600 :-/. You can see the difference here. However, note that ATI recommends a 300W PSU for the 4550 and a 400W for the 4670.
  6. I got my brother a 4670 and it works great with his 250W PSU. He never knew games could look so good. Its probably the best card you will find which doesn't require an extra power connector. I got his card for about 45 after rebates. Looking at Newegg, it seems the prices have actually gone up a little since then.
  7. I dont mind which resolution i play it but i do have a 19inch monitor. Also just say i was playing cod4 with a 4550 or 4670 on my computer for around 2 hours would my power supply overheat or blow for playing too long.
  8. Believe me, if you had to play games at 800x600, you would mind ...

    If your monitor is a widescreen LCD, its resolution is probably 1440x900 so yes I would definitely go for the 4670 so you can play at your monitor's native resolution.

    Unless the PSU is a really crappy one (not completely impossible), it shouldn't overheat. Worst case scenario the computer will become unstable and give you BSODs.
  9. Well my PSU is a bestec one that has 300 watts. Its got 18amps on the single 12v. So it shouldnt overheat with this psu and my specs.
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