Athlon 2 X3 435 Temp question

When I run prime 95 it goes from 42 to 58 is that an ok temperature?

Was planning to OC but if the temp goes much higher wont it autoshutoff?
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    58C is a normal temp for your chip under P95.

    You can check in the bios what temps your chip will turn off at, but if you want to be on the safe side I'd suggest upgrading your cooling with an aftermarket cooler or just better airflow inside your case.
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  3. Ran it for 3 hours but my case cant heat up its got no side panel but it still gets that hot.
  4. Quote:
    62c is the max for your processor.

    He's got a little more headroom than that; 73 C is actually the max for his cpu.
  5. Cheers for the BA.

    I would suggest installing an intake fan on the front of your case if you can. There are also very nice little PCI fans that just clip at the back of your case - I've used them before and they move A LOT of air. Great for cooling your GPU or moving air up to your CPU.
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