NVIDIA Preparing GeForce GTX 275

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  1. HD 4890 Performance will be between GTX280 and GTX285
    not GTX 260 (216 SP) Because that what HD 4870 1GB do
    read this
    RV790 is not a faster RV770
    "" It looks like this new chip will beat the GTX 260, and it could even get close to GTX285, but at a much more affordable price. ""
  2. Specs don't show it.

    Gaining 30%? I don't see it, but who knows. My guess is it will be what the 275 GTX is:)

    Thats opinion, but I think it might come true. Just read about the specs:D low SP addition, only 100 mhz increase and "faster" memory that shouldn't bring too much to the table, and its still 256 bit.

    With out a doubt this card will be amazing, and I would rather have the 4890 rather than the 275 GTX since it shows more effort:D

    Anyways enjoy!
  3. Yea, this card is definetly there to battle the 4890 since the 4890 will run past the GTX 260 without a doubt.
  4. ^^ from the card name that's mean it' s will be between GTX260(core 216) and GTX 280 ..
    i hop nV not have another shock Like what happen when HD 4000 series arrive
  5. yes it will basically be a single GPU activated 295 GTX. And the 4890 is showing thesame performance :)

    So its all going to be about pricing now:)

    Now how about some decent drivers Nvidia and ATI?

    Thank you!
  6. Nvidia has usually done better drivers faster ATI to me has always been a bit slow. in my obscure memory.
  7. @L1qu1d
    don't forget that will be there HD 4890X2
  8. and why should that impress me?

    4870 X2 had drivers problem that are still there in certain games. I personally think that the 4870 X2 will still be the better buy, and that card still has more potential.

    I'll say it agian, dual GPU cards don't impress me. Think of it as 2 against 1....

    Can it be compared? Embarrassing if it loses :D

    All I'm looking forward to, are the massive price drops, when I see the 285 GTX at around 200-250, here comes tri sli:D fo rnow, till the 300s or 5000s come but by then I'll have a new system hopefully:D
  9. these dual GPU cards have a loooong way to go when it comes to drivers, from both companies. While the 4870X2 is an awesome card, youre going to run into little random issues.
  10. i hope so ..
    any way that's happened after i bought MSI HD 4830
    i bought it from three days for 95$ (I won't wait to HD 4770 arrive)..
  11. Well if it makes you feel any better I just bought a GTX 285 yesterday for $360 (EVGA Superclocked version), im sure it will drop to around $280 in a few weeks.
  12. From someone who actually owns a dual GPU card, and yes I actually own 2 in crossfireX I believe people are grossly over-thinking the problems they have. Drivers have never really been a problem for me, sure there were some bugs but I took care of most of them. The only real problem I've ever had was in Fallout 3 with some memory leaks causing terrible performance and crashes until a patch came out. I would easily buy another dual GPU card over a single card as long as the dual GPU card was atleast a bit faster.
  13. I'm not going to say anything about that.

    Its just that sites seen it differently, although AVG frame wasn't affected, min framerates are terrible:)

    I for1 stick max to 3, after my experiences with quad 9800 GX2s, and those were mature drivers then (aug 08).

    Anywhoo Be happy:D

    When it comes to graphic cards if you can't see the bad in them, then they weren't a waste for you:D
  14. @spathotan
    but I'm not sad for buying HD4830 even at 100$ because ..card Like
    GF 8800GTX or GF 9800GT was just hard dream for me one year ago ..
    now it's come true with HD4830
    (and from six months ago i was just close to buy GF 8600GT for the same Price)
    after that i bought HD 4650 for 70$ (i will sell it soon with all my system)
    now i will have new system soon with AMD PhII 710 X3 and HD 4830

  15. you shouldn't feel bad, i'd recommend that card instead of a 9800 GT even if priced the same:)

    I'm glad your happy with the purchase:D
  16. yeh that was best what i can do ..
    any way the GTX 275 will good deal for card at the same Price (i hope they not change it price )
  17. I own a GX2, and can't use drivers past 181.20 (or any prior 180 driver) due to constant total lockups (tested on clean PC, its the driver). Throw in the odd performance in some games (HAWKS for instance, has a 285 beating a 295 by almost 20 frames according to GURU3d), and I'll never buy a X2/GX2 card again.
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