Crosshair Won't Post after external harddrive incident


Motherboard: ASUS Crosshair
Processor: AMD Athlon 64x2 6400+ Black Edition
RAM: 4x1GB Kingston HyperX DDR2 800MHZ 2.0V
Video Card: nVidia Geforce 8800 GTS 320MB Superclocked
PSU: Antec Earthwatts 650W

Processor is cooled by a Zalman (don't know exact model, but it is quality) and my video card has a modded air cooling system...not sure the model on that.

Tell me if I left anything vital out.

So to my story...

Earlier today I was going to be reformatting my computer, and I had to install a program called MagicJellyBean so I could retrieve my Windows XP Cd-Key. So I brought it over on a portable harddrive, and while the computer was on the desktop, I already had the USB plug from the portable harddrive in the computer's front USB port...then I plugged the cord of the portable harddrive into a wall socket. (A totally separate connection than where my computer power supply was plugged in. Harddrive in wall, computer plugged into surge protector on a totally different wall socket).

As soon as I plugged in the portable harddrive, I see a spark from the wall socket and my computer immediately shuts like... :cry: :cry:

So I press the button to turn my computer back on and two of my fans are completely turned off and take 30 seconds after pressing the power button for them to come on. I also want to note that these fans gradually powered up. My Zalman heatsink fan stuttered momentarily and then gradually came on. I also noticed that my computer was not as noisy.

Apart from the fans not coming on and my computer being quiet, it won't boot. It won't even get to POST...which worries me.

I was guessing that my power supply was to blame. So I brought it to my computer technician.

She diagnosed it by testing a new power supply and checking for beeps or something like that.

The new power supply had the same results as my power supply, so she said that mine checked out and that it was either the processor or the motherboard that was to blame here.

When I got home, I put in my old 5200+ dual core processor and got the same results. Processor that leaves the motherboard.

I have been looking around these forums and found one post that stated this exactly...

"the infamous CROSSHAIR front usb mobo kill issue."

I also read that this motherboard has issues with external harddrives.

Since I had plugged the external harddrive into the front usb, I am guessing that this "Front usb mobo kill issue" happened to me.

If anyone has any information on this situation, please post because I NEED HELP!!!!


I purchased the motherboard about 5 or 6 months ago and I have the original Crosshair box that it came in...I want to know if I am elegible for warranty???

I have been going through hell and freaking out...please help me.
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  1. Please can someone help??
  2. As the mobo seems fried I dont think you have much choice but to attempt to claim warranty repair/replacement. If it was me I would tell them the whole story, apart from the sparking socket and I would also claim that the HDD was already plugged into mains when you plugged it into usb.
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