I7 920 oc 3.3ghz

hi, i'm currently running an i7 920@3.3ghz
i would like to know whats the normal temperature for that (i7 920@3.3ghz)?

system config:
i7 920 @3.3ghz
Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283
Asus P6T x58 mb
corsair 3gb ram
wd5000aads hdd
galaxy geforce(nvidia) gtx275 896mb

mine's currently running at 40 - 50 c. is that good or not? (i used EVEREST Ultimate Edition for the temperature)
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  1. Idle or load? If load that's good, if idle it's not good.
  2. how do you tell if it's idle or load? lol
  3. When did you record these temps? (e.g. in BIOS, on the desktop right after booting, during a gaming session etc)
  4. o...not sure lol
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    Idle simply means that there is < 5 % load on the CPU or so. Load is > 95 % or so, normally 100 % though.

    Download the program Prime95 and run it which will load the CPU to 100 %. Then using Real Temp check your temperatures. With the Core i7s you will want to keep the temperatures below 75 C.
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  7. i was using the same CPU at the same overclock for awhile (waiting for my new coolmaster v6gt before i overclock properly). my idle times (when my cpu was doing nothing much) were about the same temps as you but with my STOCK COOLER!!!

    The heatsink and fan you are using appear to be pretty good, I think maybe there is something wrong if that is your idle speed?

    Obviously it does, as zipzoomflyhigh says, depend on many other factors like room temperature, cooling inside the case etc.

    If that temp is under load, then its amazing! its pretty much what you could expect from a cheap water cooling solution!

    Other things to consider are the temperature of your graphics card they can heat a case up like an oven in about 30mins when playing things like crysis. Also memory temperature is important. for me with a water-cooled system in the past, i could keep the cpu heavily over clocked yet never more then 48C, but the memory would get stupid hot (could not touch it was so hot!!) and that would cause a BSOD.
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