Screws for Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus not long enough?

Just bought the parts for my new PC today and while building it, I ran into a small problem... The screws from the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus don't seem to be long enough to screw into the baseplate.

I've fastened one side of the X-shaped bracket in, but in doing that I've lifted up the other side, which then can't be fastened in. I've made sure that everything's lined up correctly.

Post #4 here has the step I'm on in the installation, but there's no problem there with the screws not being long enough.

You can see in this photo what I'm talking about:

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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  1. Make sure the alignment pin on the bottom of the bracket is in the hole on the heat sink base, and tighten diagonally Xing back and forth only about a turn and a half at a time.
  2. ^+1 It's like changing a tire. Tighten one lug nut a little, for #2 move to the one across from #1 and tighten that one a little, then for #3 pick one next to #2 and tighten it a little, finally #4 is the one you haven't touched yet. It's an X pattern as Ryan said.
    Let's see if this picture works:
    1 <- 4
    . \. ./ .
    . . X . .
    . /. .\ .
    3 <- 2

    EDIT: Hm. Not the best picture. Hopefully you get the idea. Also, make sure that your backplate's holes are flush against the motherboard. It was once described as the legs of the table, where if you had an AMD board the tabletop would rest against the motherboard.
  3. I know this post is 4 years past the OPs post, but maybe others will find this helpful.

    I think the metal stand offs are too short? I ordered a Hyper 212+ recently for a friend and noticed they use longer stand offs with all the other parts identical.

  4. Out of curiosity, why didn't you get the evo since it's newer?
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