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Hi guys, I have an old pc with a socket 423 motherboard with Apollo P4X266 chipset (VT8753-8233) with the following problem. The thermal sensor of the cpu temperature is malfunctioning and showing the cpu temp 95-105 degrees celcius while it operates normally. As a result the cpu throttles and becomes really really slow which is very frustrating. I would like to try and remove or replace the sensor but i can't seem to find it on my socket. Can anyone help me. I include a photo of my socket. Thanks.....
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  1. ummm, i thought the sensor was part of the cpu
    anyways, i would take the heatsink off, clean the TIM with 90% alcohol and reseat it with AS5 and see if that helps (you may actually be having an overheating problem)
  2. I have already done that and I am afraid it doesn't help. The cpu doesn't reach these high temps. It operates normally. The sensor is broken. And i think that in such old sockets the sensor was on the socket not on the cpu.
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