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I have an old HDD, WD 25000, nothing fancy. I hooked it up to my PC and it causes my PC to restart or fail to load and so windows tries again, makes it to the loading screen and continues the loop. I unplugged said device and everything is fine. What may cause and how can I fix it? I'd like to prevent
this issue from reoccurring.
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  1. Hi, are you sure it doesn't have windows on it and it starts booting from it instead of the other drive and because it comes from the older system it cant boot, i saw someone do the same thing once, he didn't notice it booted from the other one as win xp boot-screen looks the same from the first version till now SP3.

    On a second note did you try it on a different pc?
  2. Your right, I had forgotten about windows xp on that old drive. I should elaborate that I have one HDD 250gb seagate in the case currently and I hooked the old HDD up recently. How can I go about accessing the data on the drive without causing this issue?
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    Enter Bios and set the boot option to the proper drive before proceeding. As in hook up the drive and go to bios and set the proper drive to boot from. If you don't know how to set this up all the info is in your motherboard manual on how to set up boot order.

    Depending on how old your machine is and if you are using SATA drives or IDE drives you might need also to have proper cable order and jumper settings for old computers with IDE drives.

    Primary boot drive should be set to master using jumper configuration explained on the side of each HDD, and should be connected to the middle plug from the IDE cable, second should be set to slave from the jumper configuration and hooked to the end plug.
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