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Hello,i've installed burnout paradise game....when i run it error comes "machines GPU doesnt support shader model 3"what to do?
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  1. get a better video card
  2. how much does it cost? :bounce:
  3. AntiZig said:
    get a better video card

    how much does it cost?
  4. depends on make and model

    your best bet, go to your local hardware store and ask them what's the cheapest they got that supports shader 3.0
  5. It seems like you have an old computer since graphics cards started to support Shader Model 3.0 in 2005 (nVidia GeForce 6xxx series) and 2006 (ATI Radeon X1xxx series).
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    I am assuming you have an AGP video port in your PC. Therefore, here's a list of AGP video card that's probably compatible with your computer.

    The best bang for the buck would be the Radeon HD 4650 for $80.
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