Realtek sound card

hello everyone
my soud card really make me crazy
sometimes it dont work for no reason sometimes when i open computer it work properly
i think its soft prob i really dont know what.
everything is branched corectly i could hear the speaker inpulsion but no audio
could any one help me pls
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  1. Could you provide more details? Like what's your motherboard? The only suggestion I can give right now is that maybe you haven't installed the drivers.

    And, what does inpulsion mean?:sweat:
  2. thank you for your replay and help
    well everything is installed
    the problem is that it work with chance sometimes when i run my computer audio work sometimes no audio .
    i mean by implulsion that i could hear noise in speker but no audio im good user of computer if im here because i do all necessary i install again driver i do all but no chance
    my motherboard is asrock and the sound card is realtek hd sound
    thank you manic for your help
  3. Check that the proper front panel audio connector is plugged in, if there are two.
    Or unplug the front panel audio connector and try again.
  4. Check device manager.
    Check the control panel sound settings.
    Check volume settings. Make sure nothing is muted.
    Check that the speakers are working and properly plugged in.
    Check your application volume settings.
  5. did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the sound driver. have you also tried a different pair of speakers or headphones?
  6. oh i also do this before many time
    i think it's soft problem
  7. my speaker is 2.1 but it happened with my old ordinary speaker too i may have luck if i restart my computer
    working depend in my luck lol
  8. i checked for all this stuff before i come to this forum its really make me crazy this stuff
  9. does the sound suddenly cut out when you are playing a song? when it is working or it like turn the computer off and then back on and the sound is gone?
  10. no its only happen sometimes when i start my computer and sometimes it work normally it depend in computer temper lol
  11. if i shut down computer and restart it again not sure that it work that is why it drive me crazy
  12. when the sound is not working does it show an unknown device or any devices with a ? or ! in device manager?
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