I am having problem with nfs most wanted after install the game i cant play the

i m havin probs after installation in nfsmw
it is havin probs only in career mode
m able to ply quick race as well as challenge
plz help sir
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  1. what kind of problem are you having in career mode? I mean it's great that you got problems and looking for help, but to get help you might want to describe what the problem is...
  2. thnx for replying after british grand prix m nt able to ply f1 championship
    after starting the race it gives info abt track and the game comes out with an error tht f1 2008. exe is having problem.i m able to play other aces
    is it bcoz portability m havin windows xp
    and if m able to ply the races before british so my comp hardware is also in good condn i thnk
  3. If the exe is having a problem, it could simply be that it was not installed right. Save your profile (you'll have to find the profile folder in your nfs folder under program files) and just try to re install. Should take 2 minutes to do and see if that helps.
  4. dear sn you help mw if m havin problem in my f1 bg challenge 2008 ?
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