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Don't know if anyone else got this but a IMC 52 in 1 internal card reader came with a corsair PSU that I got from newegg. It only has a 10 pin usb plug coming out of the back. It has a pwr light but have not seen it come on. Plugged it into my Asus M4a79 dlx mobo and got no response but it seems as if the OS recognizes it. On the front is a a extra usb port which did work with a piece of hardware plugged in. Any suggestions to get this thing to work?

AMD 940 BE
Asus m4a79 dlx
vista 64 prem
IMC FX-087 52-in-1 USB 2.0 Card Reader
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  1. I don't understand... if your OS recognizes it, how can you say it's not working. Aside from plugged-in USB gadgets working, have you tried reading a card?
  2. Mine has lights, but they only come on when you plug a card in. Have you tried that yet? If the USB is working, the whole thing is probably working.
  3. I plugged both xd cards and sd cards and no lights or activity. As for windows recognizing it, there is an A drive but sense cards are not being read i'm not sure what the problem is. The usb that I used to plug in something came up as a different drive all together. Just so there is no confusion it uses a 10 pin usb plug on the mobo but along with the supposed capability of reading 52 cards it has a usb port on the front panel.
  4. I got it, there was a short or bad connection in the 10 pin usb plug.
  5. Thanks for sharing! Just to be clear though, the card-reader/USB hub is connected to the motherboard only through that 10-pin USB plug?
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