Getting random freezes after big OC

Hey guys,

I'm having a problem with my latest OC. The system randomly hangs once every while. After getting a replacement mobo for the one that died on me a couple weeks back, I did a fresh OC using my Q6600 (yeah I still have this old model). I got it up to 3.8ghz from stock (2.4ghz) but it ran a bit too hot so I dropped back down to 3.6ghz.

System specs:
Asus P5N-D nforce 760i SLI mobo (did the pencil mod so theres barely an more Vdroop)
Intel C2Q Q6600 (got lucky, its vid is 1.215V)
4GB Kingston DDR2 value ram (crap and slow with 1.8v rating)
800W Gigabyte Silver SLI PSU
EVGA 8800GT (PhysX card)
2x WD Caviar Blue 500GB in raid 0

My OC settings are:

Vcore: 1.306v (1.296v in CPU-Z)
HT/VTT: 1.40v
NB: 1.40v
RAM: 1.85v (this is lowest bios setting, ram is rater at 1.8v)
FSB: 1600
Max temp doesn't exceed 61'C even after hours of Prime95 tests

I've successfully completed 8hrs of Large FFTs and 10hrs of Blend tests in Prime95, I got no errors whilst running memtest86+, yet the system still hangs randomly sometimes, regardless of whether im gaming or browsing the net.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what I should do next or what could be causing these hangs, I'd much appreciate it! thx
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  1. It is a well known fact that OC brings with it a range of stability issues. You need to keep dropping your speed until the system remains stable. Try going back to stock speeds and see if the system still does it. If not then OC accordingly. If it is still playing up get your PSU tested. If that checks out make sure one of your HDD's doesnt have some nasty intermittent BIOS issue. They are hard to detect and hang a system very nicely.
  2. I used stock settings for a while until my gtx 470 arrived (after one of my 8800GTs died) and it didn't hang for the duration of that time. However, I know the hang-ups aren't cause by the new card as I OC-ed before the 470 arrived.
    The problem is that its really hard to test what might be causing it as the system will run fine for a couple days then I get a random hang. I don't think this is a stability issue regarding the OC, but who knows.

    Might adding a bit more vCore help?

    Would having the ram set to auto for the timings be what might be causing the system to become unresponsive? I can't find official timings on Kingston's website for this product :(
  3. Another point worth thinking about is that there is very little to no performance gain to be had by running your RAM up especially as most games have a small footprint in memory. In terms of real world computing there is no profit in sacrificing stability for non-existent gain in performance.
  4. I havn't overclocked my ram. I set it to run at the rate 800mhz. Its the timings that I left on auto as I can't find info regarding its stock settings.
    Im looking at getting a new 4GB pack of performance ram, any suggestions?

    right now I'm thinking about getting the OCZ Platinum 4GB DDR2-800 kit. comes with HS and rated at 2.1v
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