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hi i have a gigabyte ma790x-ds4 board at present im having trouble when loading up it takes about 6min to get to a point where i can use the pc so i was thinking about changing the board unless someone has any suggestions for testing the board? if not what board would you guys suggest i have a x4 940 chip with 4gb black dragon 800 memory
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  1. Did you do a fresh install of your operating system (format) or use backup files? Do you know how to adjust bios settings? I doubt your board is at fault. You may have some old software running in the background causing the slow file loading. I once had a board that kept looking for the lan port address at the post, until I disabled a bios setting.
  2. yip formatted the hard drive and re installed fresh. i havent got a clue about bios setting its set to opimized is a rough walk through of what happens
    press start button
    18 seconds later get post beep
    45 seconds get the black screen with windows corp bar
    1.35 get the welcome screen
    then its about 6 min all in before the hard drive lite settles down and i can use the pc without it being slow or non responsive. i was hoping gigabyte mite have a diognostic to test the board
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