Overclocking Intel dual core e5200

hi there,

can somebody give me some insight on how to overclock a e5200 with stock heatsink and fan?


mobo gigabyte g31m-es2c
intel dual core e5200 2.5 ghz
psu 550 watts
2gb ram
nvidia gtx 470 (using an independent psu connected to another mobo)

thanks in advance :D
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  1. Your temperatures are going to be the limiting factor with the stock heatsink.

    Overclocking E5200 on G'byte G31
  2. Thanks,
    jsc before u gave me the response i had overclocked the cpu to 3.0 ghz
    but now with that link i've went to 3.5 no swet.

    Temperatures idle 40-42 full load (prime 95) 65-70

    System pretty stable

    Stock cooler

    thanks again for ur kind help :D
  3. Great. Welcome.
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