Black screen, flashing yellow light on monitor

I bought a Inno3D 512mb 9400GT and installed it into my computer following the instructions that came with it. When I turn my computer on, the monitor shows a black screen and a flashing yellow light under the power button. The graphics card i had before works with my computer but the new one doesn't. I have run out of ideas and really need help. Thankyou in advance.

OS: Windows XP Professional

Old graphics card: ASUS NVIDIA GeForce PCX 5750

New GFX card: Inno3D 512mb 9400GT

Powersupply: Shaw 720watt

Mobo: Intel D915GUXLK

Processor: Pentium 4 3.0Ghz
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  1. your gpu doesn't need that 4 or 8 (or whatever) pin extra power ?
    when you don't get a message from the monitor that there is no graphic device, then is something with your mobo/cpu/ram, but in this case you should check the power first.
    good luck
  2. A friend told me that maybe their is not enough power getting to my graphics card. I checked in my bios and my voltage for it is 11.5-11.8 volts. The graphics card says it needs +12v. Could this be possible?
  3. The ATX2.2 standard is 12V ±5% which gives you a min. of 11.4V, so that is in spec. Try the card in another machine. Hit DEL, or whatever, to go into BIOS so the OS doesn't try to load your cards drivers in the other machine. All you really need to see is if it lights the monitor. If not, I would say you have a bad card.

    I assume you already checked to see that the card is seated properly.
  4. Unfortunately I do not have another machine to this card in.
  5. Well if the old card works and the new one doesn't then I would suspect the card first.

    I've never heard of that PSU, but a quality 750W would be way way overkill. Even if it is junk, and I suspect it is, it should still be able to power that card.

    Reset the CMOS and boot. If that doesn't work, then boot without the card and again with it, it's worth a shot.
  6. alright then i will probably contact the manufacture and ask for a exchange or a repair.
  7. Once I bought a 9800GT card for my computer and I got the exact same problem. After a bit research I discovered that I needed a BIOS update because my board's BIOS was not completely compatible with PCI-express 2.0. After I installed the update, all was kosher. Go to your motherboard manufacturer's website and install the latest BIOS update. If that doesn't work, then call the manufacturer of the card.
  8. That's nice to know. I was of the understanding that PCIe 2.0 cards were completely backward compatible. That is a cheap mATX mobo with an older a 915G chipset so I guess it's possible.

    yokoyoko, do us a favor and post back what you find.
  9. Yeah, I was surprise by that too. Thats why it took me 3 days to figure it out, I was under the impression that it was 100% back compatible. The truth is that it is 100% compatible and then the fine print says, *Some motherboards may require a BIOS update*
  10. I already have tried this and ended up with the same result. I have concluded that this card is defective and I will try and get it returned, repaired or exchanged.

    Does anyone know if Inno3D covers repair or exchange in the warranty?
  11. I would go to the retailer for exchange or replacement. If you got it on ebay you may be out of luck.
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