Cant find other drive new install plz help im here

i just finished a fresh install the two drives showed up in the windows instal i picked one and installed windows.. now there is only one showing up in computer...if i go to device manager click disk drives it will show me both how do i get it to work...i have some pics but dont know how to post them here ?.
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    You'll need to initialize/format the other drive. Right-click on "My Computer" and click on "Manage". From there, you should see "Disk Management" and be able to initialize or format the other drive. The other drive will probably show up as unallocated.
  2. soulbro it is not initialize and unallocated. but i cant select it i go into disk managment click hard drive and they both show up when i click on the one unallocated it gives me no option to format ..
  3. go to the link in my post...
  4. what is the meaning of diff mrb/gtp and which one do i want to do
  5. i did the link i still couldnt access the hard drive that i wanted so i went to start and typed format and i got to a place that i think can do it but it asking if i want brm or gtp ????
  6. Right-click on the unallocated drive and click on "New Simple Volume," then follow the steps to format the drive.
  7. it say (you must initialize a disk before logical disk manager can access it.) then it gives me option mbr or gtp(guid partition table)
  8. thx for your help i really mean it im dyin over here lol
  9. im in windows 7
  10. Choose the MBR option.
  11. its formating i think its working your a life saver
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