2 Free Pentium 4's- Can I dual them?

:hello: I come bearing gifts and thanks to the one who can help me with this! :)

In two weeks, I have somehow managed to be given two free Pentium 4 processors- One in a perfectly good computer with a blown capacitor on the MB, the other might be just the chip or have a MB with it. Either way, I thought since they are the same, it might be fun to dual them up and try a water cooled system, maybe overclock them and game with them. Since I've got pretty much everything I need from the one computer except the MB for dual CPUs i could justify a little money for the learning experience.

I don't know exactly how to search for it, so I just have to ask: Is it practical? Will it be fast as I'm imagining it to be before or after OCing?

Thanks guys! :D
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  1. No dual cpu board for socket 478 p4's. Use the one with the higher rating. Northwoods are best with 512 cache. Prescotts have 1 meg cache and run warmer. Newegg had one socket 478 board; computer geeks has 3 or 4 last time I checked. Get one with the 865 Intel chipset; some have onboard video, some don't.
  2. It might help if you could be more specific about the exact model of Pentium 4 you've got. As you can see by this list, there are an awful lot of them.

    To the best of my knowledge, only the Xeon variants have multiprocessor support. And you'd have to have two identical chips for it to work.
  3. If you find a dual socket motherboard which i doubt and it still wont compare to modern processors...
  4. I've seen dual mobos for AMD Athlon64 FX, Opteron and Intel Xeon.. Haven't heard one for P4

    Four CPU motherboard with Opteron:
  5. Wow thanks for all the feedback guys! One of the chips says
    Intel '03
    Pentium 4
    3.00 GHZ/1M/880

    I don't know about the other one, I don't have it yet. From the list sminlal posted (thanks!) there is only one 3.0 GHZ model. It was my parent's, I remember it being fast, nearly as fast as my E6400 duo, mine laden with stuff and their's freshly wiped and reset.

    Assuming they are different chips, can I build a computer with two motherboards linked? This project is mostly just to have fun and not waste otherwise good stuff. technically all the one PC needs is a MB to be up and running, so if I could just link another to it it could be a theoretically fast PC (fast enough, comparing to my few-years-old-now E6400) for the cost of a MB.
  6. HI,
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