WD My Passport SE B8B (USB Mounted) HELP Needed

Hi all,
Love these forums and time has finally come for me to ask the brighter lights to help this dim guy. i have a western digital 750 gig 'my passport' external Hard Drive. worked great until last night when i was no longer being recognized on my mac. I could see the light come on on the drive and hear it spin up. i never got the dreaded 'clicking' sound that i've encountered in years past and in general everything sounded as it usually did.

This particular drive has a relatively short cable (and a less common one at that) but I tried a shorter usb cable nevertheless to no avail. today, i bought a Y cable to hopefully add a little more juice to the drive by getting it connected to two usb ports. still nothing (i should mention that in order to do this I also had to attach a small male/female adapter to the native WD cable before being able to connect it to the Y cable).

I also tried connecting the drive to my PC and came up short. nothing in device manager, etc.

As many of you probably already know, the B8B is a newer WD hard drive with the USB directly mounted to the drive and NO data/power SATA pins to connect to (that I could see) so this leaves me in a pretty tough spot as far as transferring the data off of the drive as i typically would either by trying another enclosure or connecting the SATA cables directly to my PC hard drive and pulling the data off there.

Has anyone had any experience working with these drives to get data retrieved? any and all help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Sounds like the drive died. Goodbye data.
  2. assuming that's the case, i'm just as interested in whether anyone has arrived at workarounds for these hybrid USB mounted hdd drives without SATA connections.
  3. anyone got a solution to this? Damn Western Digital! :fou:
  4. Quote:
    2. If you are really desperate and need the data on the drive but dont want to send it to a professional recovery service you could try purchasing the identical drive and swap out the main boards and see if that works at worst you lose a couple of hundred bucks if it doesnt work ...at best you save a bunch if it does.

    Has anyone tried this?

    I would attempt it but it seems difficult as the board it one piece which has a foil wrapped around it as well as a ribbon attached (mine the new elite version which has indicator lights to show how full the hdd is).

    Here are some pics of my one:

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