Reconstructing a RAID 0 array

I have a Gigabyte P55A-UD3 motherboard with bulit-in Marvall RAID. I ran two older 320GB hard drives in RAID 0, so they could keep up with my newer drive when I transferred files. My OS hard drive died, so I replaced it and reloaded Windows. Now I can't get my RAID 0 drives to work.

When they are both plugged into the Marvall SATA ports, only one drive shows up in the bios. When the drives are both plugged into the primary SATA controller, both show up but are not in a RAID array. I reset the bios to default when the OS drive died, but I tried to put the settings back to how they were.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Is there a way to get the data off?
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  1. One way :
    Go to Data Recovery service and pay some money for restoration your files.

    Second way:

    Download some soft like R-studio , Raid Reconstructor, winHex, etc. Learn how it work . Than you need find out your raids parameters ( order of drives , block-size) , rebiuld raid virtualy , and copy your data back.

    Or read this manual :
  2. I'd consider contacting gigabyte for support.

    Also this is why raid 0 has issues, which I know you don't want to hear now. Did you have a backup? If 1 drive is truly dead, you will have a big problem getting your data back.
  3. I did keep a backup, but it is about a month out of date. It is not crucial enough to pay thousands of dollars for, but it does mean a lot to me.

    Are any of the software options Dr-Kiev mentioned free? I'll look through the manual today. (What language is that manual in?) The fact that it's not an OS drive gives me a little bit of hope.

    I don't know if one of the drives is dead or what happened. When they are both plugged into the primary controller, they both show up as RAW drives. Do you think that my OS drive dying could have damaged the SATA controllers? I'll try contacting Gigabyte and let you know what they say.
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