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Hello, I want to add a graphics card on a computer I have. I want to play CS:S smoothly. Here are three open box cards I'm looking at.

Which would you recommend on a budget?
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  1. Well buying an open box has its problems...hope u are aware of it...
    Still if u want to go wit it , then get 2600XT...its the most powerful of the lot...
    Better to pay the extra $$ for the retail card...
  2. the best is the sapphire hd3850 512mb
  3. gfg said:
    the best is the sapphire hd3850 512mb

    Well yes its correct but he is on a budget and the hd3850 will cost $100 upwards...
  4. If you can wait a couple weeks, Power color will have a HD4670 AGP out. It supposed to be cheaper then the 3850 and perform as good as a 3870.
    Power color has already manufactured the card, they're just waiting on ATI for the driver.
  5. Thanks, I'll wait until the new 4000 series comes out. If it looks like a reasonable price I'll just get that, if not, I'll try and get a retail card. Thanks again!
  6. Quickly, another thing is that I have a E8400 and everything to go with that but a motherboard, that's why I'm trying to keep this a budget PC so I can afford a better card for the faster computer.

    Just curious, would these cards be able to play the Half-Life 2 family?
  7. Apart from the 3450 the others will play Source games easily, providing the CPU is n`t feeble.
  8. You need a very powerful CPU (from the AGP era) to run a 3850...i'm shocked they're wasting time on a 4670. Unless that CPU is dual core for those's just a waste.
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