I'm not sure if I've finally burned my GTX 280, or if its some serious driver issues under windows xp 32.

This card has been running non stop since August with hardly any problems. However, I woke up today and found my computer rebooted, possibly due to some Microsoft auto patches.

Any time I'd boot windows, I'd get a corrupted screen and cursor.

I've tried every solution known to man to get it working decently again with hardly any success.

System restore to the previous date, did'nt resolve.

Removed the driver, used driver sweep, and reinstalled the driver, did'nt resolve.

Went downgrading one driver step at a time, where I'm at 182.08, 182.05, 181.22, 181.20, did'nt resolve.

I have one screen now, and can get any resolutions, when I try to attach the TV, it crashes with either blue, white, green, yellow screens.

Any attempt to query Cuda, either through pure boinc (gpugrid was detached in safe mode), or other cuda apps, color crash.

The crash will not go by a soft reboot or shut down, I have to hard shutdown, unplug the power cable, wait a minute, and then power up again.

Otherwise, if I don't wait for a minute, the graphics card will blow its fan in full throttle during the boot up while not displaying anything on screen.

What am I missing?
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  1. Format Windows? =)
  2. stridervm said:
    Format Windows? =)

    Yes, it crossed my mind, but only as a last resort!

    It works well at work, I work for a remote resolution team where we remotely trouble shoot software issues, and we reinstall windows when all troubleshooting options are exhausted! :P
  3. well, to check if the gfx is milked, get a live ubuntu cd from , and boot from that. if the screen is clear, then format windows. if not, the gfx is killed
  4. Definately try a reformat before assuming your card is dead.
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