Unlocked a AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition

Hi there,

I unlocked my new AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition to Quad Core. However it was unstable and Windows 7 wouldn't boot.

I disabled Core 3 and left Core's 1, 2, and 4 all running. And everything seems to be fine so far.

The speed it still at what it was before, 3.2Ghz. However does 3 core's benefit over 2?
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  1. With still just Core's 1, 2, and 4 running. I've managed to OC to 18.5x

    Is this good with just 3 cores running?

    Also the CPU temperature seems to be broken when I OC'd resulting in the same temperature as the system. 30'c/30'c

    If I overclock the multiplyer any higher, the system restarts on Windows Index Expierence then appears with an error on POST that a hypersync flood error occured. This is a result of overclocking if I'm correct?
  2. 1. Once you unlock the cores the temp sensor is disabled, in order to read the CPU temp you need to open up a program like HW monitor/speedfan/Everest Ultimate.

    2. If you raise the multiplier you also have to raise the CPU voltage, leaving the voltage at stock while raising the multiplier will cause the system to crash.

    3. 3 cores is better than 2 cores when it comes to multitasking, some games also benefit from a 3 core CPU (the more cores the better).

    4. A bios update should fix the HF error.
  3. Anything over 2 cores can help. I have an AMD X3 Phenom II 720 BE. GTA IV performance doubled for me (from around 14 fps to about 35 fps). Once I upgrade my GPU, it then jumped to around 40 to 45.

    I've unlocked the 4th core and it's stable and that didn't affect my FPS on GTA IV nor has it really shown much of an improvement for other games. I might see a 3 fps jump if that, but I can get better results from overclocking it.

    In the end, it all depends on if the program was written to take advantage of multiple cores. In the case of GTA IV, it definitely helps to have more then two cores. If the game itself was written to be single threaded, then it will never use more than one core no matter what you do short of reverse-engineering the code and rewritting it take advantage of multiple cores.
  4. You don't really have to raise voltage if you raise the multiplier...that's just one place to check if you run into instability.

    I know you know it, but not sure if Anonymous knows it. I just thought I'd clarify before he upped voltage unnecessarily.

    However, Anonymous, if you haven't upped core voltage at all, you should try bumping it to 1.425 and unlocking all cores to see if that makes you stable at quad. Make sure you bring the multiplier back to default (16).
  5. i unlock the extra two cores of my phenom II X2 555BE into X4 without tweak any voltage on it :

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