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I am currently having problems booting after fixing a previous problem which I will describe later. The computer is currently posting an error 114 on the post screen. I have no idea what this error means, so if anyone can tell me, I would greatly appreciate it. I would also like to know how I can fix such a problem. The computer is a Vaio Desktop.

Now to the previous problem which may have caused this in the first place. Originally the computer refused to turn on at all, and had a flashing light on the back of the PSU, and a flashing LED near the MB power connector. Looking online, I found a solution that involved unplugging and plugging in the MB power while being supplied power (power cable was plugged in, computer was not powered on entirely). It worked, computer turned on, and now I have this error 114.
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  1. Hmmm... from what you share, I'm inclined to assume that your Power Supply is faulty. Did you do anything to your computer before the errors started?
  2. I found the source of the error. Apparently the battery on the Motherboard had ran out of juice, which in turn triggered the PSU to start flashing. Even though we jumped started the motherboard by plugging/unplugging while the power was supplied, the battery remained dead and prompted the 114 error. After replacing the battery on the MB, the error was gone and the computer has once again started booting correctly.
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