New PowerColor ATi Radeon HD4670 1GB

Hi guys things are brilliant with the new PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4670 1GB, what is the meximum temperature threshold for this card and do anyone know about the PowerColor brand. they have good web reviews. Thanks
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  1. The maximum temperature threshold for gpus' is over 100 C, but that's nowhere near safe. If the load temperatures are around 70 C, you're good to go. Higher temperatures just shorten the life of the card. And powercolor is pretty good brand.
  2. i have got the Card but yesterday when i was playing the COD4 online i was having problem with smoke bobms. i mean when i have to go through smoke the game starts lagging. i don't understand, never use to have this problem with the GT 9400, i am thinking maybe i need to configure the the ATi HD 4670 because that's the card i am using currently? help please. thanks
  3. well, i got the same graphics card, the max. temperature in Celcius (°C) are 95°C if u want it in Farenheit, use a traductor because i'm mexican and we use °C. Nice graphics card!!
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