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I'm looking at building a computer in the next 4-6 months, and am wondering what case to put inside. CPU: i7 920
CPU Cooler: TRUE 120 (staying away from the gigantic V8/V10 coolermasters)
Motherboard: Gigabyte Ex58 Extreme
Ram: 0CZ Platinum 1600mhz 7-7-7-24
HDD: 1TB WD Caviar Black
GPU: 4870x2
Power supply: 1000w Corsair
Monitor: 24" 1900x1080 Full HD and HDMI

NB: no water cooling as you can probably tell

I'm looking at overclocking it CPU to about 3.8ghz, and need good airflow, plus a generous sized case for adding 1 more GPU, and maybe 1-2 more hdd. I also want looks, and i dont like the antec 300. The 900 2 is alright... but its nothing fancy aesthetically. Any other good brands out their, for looks AND ariflow in one?

(P.S. was gonna get the NZXT Guardian 921, but reviews say its dodgy, and not much space. But thats kinda the look im wanting :S)

Thanks in advance for any help :D
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  1. What price range do you want to consider? NZXT Tempest should fix the lack of size and review ratings.
  2. Coolermaster haf is at $150.
  3. I personally would choose cooling over looks.

    My current i7 build is housed in a Antec 900 II, but if I could redo, I'd use a 1200 instead.

    HAF 932 has been given good reviews.

    If you are intent on getting something really out of the ordinary, consider the Silverstone Raven. It's got a 90 degree rotated motherboard orientation, cooling is so so, but has a love it or hate it look.
  4. The CoolerMaster Storm Sniper will more than meet your requirements for a case. It's huge and wider than typical cases. Plenty of room to work inside the case and it can accomodate the largest graphics cards made. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent:
  5. the coolermaster storm sniper and the cooler master cosmos are probably your best bet for your set up,they are large,well ventilated and built to last,you really can't go wrong either way. Personally i prefer steel/aluminum cases and in that regard there is no case manufacturer better than lian li,they are known for building the best quality cases with unbeatable airflow any of their full tower cases would surpass your needs albeit at a higher cost.
  6. HAF 932
  7. HAF 932 is my opinion also.
  8. im looking at about the cost of antec 900 II or LOWER. the tempest looks better than the haf 932, but what is the size and ventilation? and could someone link a side view of it (is it square or diagonal along the front)?
  9. I have the Storm Sniper, its a great case! here check out my video lol.. its just a quick look of what i have inside, iv done much cable management and i moved some fans around since then -
  10. I have a HAF 932 and has a really good airflow and it's huge. Now you have the alternative 922 which should be cheaper but smaller. In my opinion 922 is better looking.
  11. HAF 932 - I have an i7 OC'd to 3.8Ghz, a raid array, SLI setup etc and my temps stay less than 10C above ambient (ok except the GPU at full load runs in the mid-70s) I am running a V8 though.
  12. sorry fellas, contrary to popular opinion, ill stick with the tempest. (IMO better looks)
    lots cheaper, good cooling from the reviews and generous sized for components. thanks for ur help. if any different ones come along, give us a notice :D. thanks again.

    BTW: does the tempest FIT: 2 large GPUs, TRUE 120 & 2hdds?
    if it doesn't, its probably back to the HAF 922
  13. micky_lund said:
    BTW: does the tempest FIT: 2 large GPUs, TRUE 120 & 2hdds?
    if it doesn't, its probably back to the HAF 922
    Yes it does - 2 (or 3) large GPUs, up to 8 HDDs and the large 120mm coolers.
    The side panel fan is below the area a TRUE would occupy, right over the GPUS.
  14. sweet... thanks heaps WR2... so all my stuff will fit :D:D:D
    thanks for all ur ideas, and if i change my mind, ill surely ask u all again... the haf 922 is also good, just not the looks
    thanks again
  15. I've read this post twice and looked through the reviews for the Tempest but I've some concerns about it possibly arriving damaged and or the fans seem to work sometimes or missing parts. That is just a fluke for people or a regular happening with this company? I'm really interested in purchasing this plus a CPU for my first build.
  16. true... it has said that on some sites, but on the general i think its just coincidence... ive looked over most of the net on the reviews on it, and most say the packaging is very good. (maybe THAT's a coincidence?)

    PLEASE help us, and anyone with a nzxt tempest, could u please tell us if any problems occured.

    thanks again
  17. Again....... Antec Skeleton!!!!
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