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Hi all,

I have an ASUS P5K mobo running Vista 32 and a Powercolor HD3870X2.

What is currently bugging me is that this rig will go into sleep mode but needs to be awoken by a cold reboot using the 4 second powerdown of the motherboard (the case switch is set to act as the sleep button).

When it does wake, it gives me the usual "Windows resuming" message and all seems to work well.

The other annoyance is the Powercolor card itself - when in sleep, it has two red leds which glow but which go out when the machine is running. Is this normal for this card ?

I have the whole rig linked to an intelligent distribution board which detects current usage by the pc and automatically switches off all secondary devices (printer etc) (cos I am so green - in more ways than one !!!!). Because of the graphics card power use in sleep, this power regime is staying permanently live and I would like to get back to full power down during sleep mode.

Grateful for any suggestions for fixes(barring ditching the 3870 although it may come to that)
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  1. Sadly the Powercolor manual does not mention the LEDs

    My current (sorry) assumption is that these lights are telltales to indicate the the card is powered and to warn against removing it but I could be wrong

    I am really looking for suggestions on setting sleep so that the car powers down completely
  2. Those LEDs are POST LEDs, they tell you if either power cables are not connected/not giving enough power or the card itself is not plugged into the board well etc.
    The meaning of those LEDs are sure to be found on the i-net
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