Overclocking a Pentium D 945 cpu. Bad idea?

Hey, I'm looking to slightly overclock my PD 945 cpu. I know it's an old processor but I just wanted to try it out. I've never done any kind of overclocking before and I know I could really screw up my computer. I don't have any special heatsink on mine, just standard.

Here is my system spec

Pentium D 945 cpux2 at 3.4ghz
4 DDR2 Gigs, Samsung (2GB) and G Skill (2GB) Ram at 266MHz
Intel i945P/PL/G/GZ mobo
ATI Radeon 5670 512MB
Seagate 400GIG HD

So, would it be stupid to mess around and try to slightly overclock this cpu?
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  1. I personally wouldn't try overclocking a Pentium D on the stock cooler.
  2. if your dimms were matching, i'd maybe say go at it, but... At the frequency its already at you wont see any noticeable increase in performance anyway - if its for curiosity's sake, well remember what killed the cat? that generation is a hot sucker - get a 30 buck decent cooler if you decide to go at it.
    Unless its your secondary, old computer to experiment on - i wouldn't.

    If your dimms matched it would be less risky, because you'd have less a possibility to fry both CPU and dimms.
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