Progs for overclock

I'm searching for progs that can do good overclocking without any problem,
My comp:
cpu: Intel Core i7 980x 3.33 GHz
ram: 18 GB DDR3
vga: Ati Radeon HD 5770
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  1. It's not recommended to overclock through Windows. Overclocking through the BIOS is recommended, just look up a few Core i7 overclocking guides.
  2. The manufacturers of each provide utilities on their sites for overclocking.
    As wonderful as some people may portray a 3rd party (like riva tuner) i wouldn't trust my expensive hardware to them -so i would stick to the manufacturers if they provide them.
  3. Erm, is it just me or does anyone else see a slight hardware mismatch here? Eighteen Gb of ram and one 5770?,
    Wouldn't it have made more sense to save xxx hundred dollars by having maybe just 4/8Gb and upgrading to X-fired 5970's instead?
    I think this may be an attempt at a J.M. System especially seeing as Op obviously wants to impress with clocking,but seems none too bothered about learning how to do it,
    I hate to say it, I really do but, Pebcak.
  4. Might be true Moto, but my friend did buy a Core i7 860 & HD 3470. More 'unbalanced' then this system in that sense.
  5. I guess if you're doing massive video rendering/editing it makes sense?
  6. Why do they let idiots buy bad ass hardware?
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