USB / Monitor Problems!

I recently put together a new system. My general specs were:

GTX 295
Intel Q9550
4GB of DDR2

I got everything running for about a week or so. Everything ran smooth, no problems I could find. I ordered another fan to install on the side of my case and it arrived yesterday. I unplugged everything and installed it. When I plugged everything back in to start it up, the following things did not turn on. The keyboard, the mouse, the USB drive on the front of my computer, and the light on the monitor was just blinking.

So from what I could tell, none of the USB ports were working since nothing was turning on (All of those items go through USB). I have a razor copperhead and the lycosa keyboard. I have a 21' Samsung and after connecting it firmly, all it had was the blinking blue light. It clearly was getting power but no signal from the computer? Everything else started up fine it seemed from looking at the overall computer. The green light on the motherboard was on during this.

I didn't really do anything extensive during the time I had the case open. I basically worked on the side panel and only when into the case when I needed to connect its power. Would anyone have any idea what may be the problem? If anymore information can be provided, please let me know so I can fill you in.
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  1. I went through today and reseated a lot of the connections. I also reseated the Video Card and the RAM just to check. Everything seems to be receiving power (Even the MOBO). I originally thought it was the MOBO going out but I cant really test anything. Would anyone know of anything else I could try to figure out what is wrong?
  2. Is the 6 pin pcie connector still secure on the video card? Try unplugging the new case fan, does it boot then?
  3. Earlier I redid the connection to the video card so that should be the problem. I tried it without the side fan connected too. None of these worked. Any other ideas?
  4. Are you getting any beep codes upon start up?

    Try booting with 1 stick of RAM, Hd, and video card only.

    Were you grounded when working?
  5. I have not recieved any beep codes at all throughout any of my start ups. I will give the other option a try once I get home tomorrow. Unfortunately, I was not grounded (dumb on my part). I guess I'll check back with you tomorrow. Thanks for the help so far!
  6. I tried using one stick of RAM and still got no response from the items stated above. The video cards fan was on, and the green like on the Video Card and the MOBO is still on. Would this help indicate anything?

    I am pretty sure I made a mistake and may have fried something within the computer. Is there a way to narrow down what may be affected? With the problems I stated above would it just be the MOBO, or could other components fried with it? I have no idea how to indicate or test the various pieces to know what would be affected with no computer to work from.
  7. Have you tried the monitor in the other DVI port?

    Do you have any spare parts?

    Look at the components that came with the mobo, is there an internal speaker that didn't get plugged in?

    To start from scratch:
    Remove the board from the case and set it next to the case on a piece of cardboard
    Boot with only 1 stick of RAM, HD, and video card
    If it doesn't work, try the stick of RAM in each of the other slots
    listen for any beep codes
    Make sure 4/8 pin cpu power AND 20/4 pin main power is plugged in
  8. I tried both DVI ports and I get the same result each time (Flashing power button).

    I don't have any spare parts with me currently due to me being at college.

    I did exactly what you stated above. Each time I tried the RAM in a new slot, nothing really changed and it just resulted in the same thing as I stated above.

    I don't understand why I am not getting any beep codes, and I havn't since first installing everything. I installed everything that was provided but I can look through things again. Which connection on here would it be just to double check,

    From what I've provided so far, would you have any other ideas because without the beep codes I am totally lost. There has to be something I didn't plug in. What do you think?
  9. There are 2 pins in the front panel port on the board (across from the power switch) for the audio. I'm not sure if that board comes with the speaker. That's probably why you haven't heard the beeps before. I've seen a lot of reviews from people saying they had to use internal speakers from different builds.

    Without any other parts, it's hard to start eliminating causes. The board should be outside the case, with only the HD, video card, and 1 stick of RAM. If it doesn't work with that one stick in any of the slots, try a different stick in each slot. Then if that doesn't work, you may want to try to get your hands on a psu or video card to test.
  10. If you look on asus's website at the manual for your board, the location for the internal speaker is on pg. 32
  11. Alright that is what I thought it was. I dont have the manual with me (I have to go to a computer lab everytime I want to check back), but I believe the 2 pin connection was called SPDIF_OUT. I did have that connected when I tested it. I think you are right about there being no internal speakers on the model so I guess I could hook up my headset to see if I hear anything. I will also try the other stick of RAM.

    If all else fails, I can always head home this weekend and use some parts from another computer there. I'll check back with what I find. Thanks for the help so far.
  12. The spdif out is for an back panel bracket. The internal speaker is different. It's just a 2 pin connector on the board (front panel connector) for a little speaker that gives off beep codes. You can't plug anything into it. Without this internal speaker, you won't hear any beep codes. Pg. 32 of your manual will show you where it goes. I believe you are going to need some spare parts (psu, video card) to eliminate some possible causes.
  13. After looking at that, I realized that I didn't have that connected because I have no 2-pin connector for that piece. Is it normal to not get one of those or should they normally come with the MOBO? I have had them on my last two computers. I don't believe I am overlooking it but shouldn't it look like the 2-pin connectors for the Front LEDs, PWR Switch, Reset Switch, etc?
  14. Alright, I am going to wait until this weekend when I can head home and do some testing with other parts. I'll post back then when I find something out. I can't really go any further with what I have available it seems. Thanks so far.
  15. I just wanted to give one final update since you went through all the trouble to help me figure this out. After taking it home to test parts out, I was able to narrow it down to the CPU and MOBO. Newegg sent me both parts for free with next day shipping, and now I am sitting here with a working PC finally. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it. :)

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