Phenom X4 9950 bottlenecking GTX470?

WHATS THE BOTTLENECK?? im going crazy please help me see whats bottlenecking my system or this is truly the GTX470's capability .

I got my PC last week and im thinking my system is bottlenecked cuz of the results i got below.

i fired up 3d mark vantage performance and i got P11635 i went up to the bios and overclocked the cpu to 2.8ghz and i benchmarked again, this time i got P11981 then i overclocked to 3ghz and i got a wooping P16550

but i checked Mafia 2 and Mass effect 2 and i barely got extra 2-4 fps from when my cpu is 2.6ghz

why is that? is my cpu the major bottleneck or maybe the 8gb ddr2 ram?

also in mafia 2 i get alot of hickups or lag spikes when i go into a tunnel or cross a bridge mostly and when i turn down the settings it stays.

can i make my system bettter without paying for new intel cpu+mobo+ddr3?

the settings i played the games above are
mass effect 2 : 1080p everything high runs smoothly
mafia 2 did 1080p everything
AMD Phenom X4 9950 BE @ 3.0GHz
DDR2 800 8GB
MSI Geforce GTX 470
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  1. Doubt it's the RAM, DDR2 isn't that much slower than DDR3 and 8 GB is plenty for any game to use... Mafia II is quite intensive, I'm not personally sure if a GTX 470 could fully max it. If your motherboard supports it you might be able to put a Phenom II processor in there, although if you're not gaining much from your CPU overclocks it's most likely GPU bottlenecked.
  2. i had the cpu, mobo and ram sitting in my storage after i closed my workshop so i just got a gfx card, psu, monitor ...etc
    thats why i have an old cpu

    now i just want to get as much as possible out of that cpu until the next generation AMD/Intel launches (Sandy Bridge/Bulldozer)

    i have overclocked it to 3Ghz (only making 15x multiplier) on stock fan, it was very stable and the max temp it reached was 54C after like 4-5 hours of gaming.

    any idea whats the max it can handle if i get a propper cooler ? maybe the Corsair Hydro cooler? would it be worth spending like 80$ on a great cooler or spend it on a phenom II cpu ?

    my mobo is MSI K9N2 Diamond AM2+ socket. it can take AM3 Phenom IIs right with a bios update?
  3. yea true zippy i guess waiting is my best option right now thnx guys
  4. I'd get a decent $20 tower cooler just to squeeze a little more out of the CPU. Anyway, If you're not seeing an increase in Mass Effect that's because your GPU limited at 1080p with the highest settings. Of course if it runs smoothly I don't see what the problem is. As for Mafia 2, I think that one is more likely to be CPU limited without PhysX, but if you're using PhysX then yeah I'd say your GPU limited at your settings if changing your CPU clock speed made little to no difference.
  5. This will get you further in your OCing, enough to stable it out at 3.2G.
  6. 4Ryan6 said:
    This will get you further in your OCing, enough to stable it out at 3.2G.

    wow amazing price i might just get that :)
  7. ^ Seeing as how he can use that cooler on his next build also, whether it's worth the investment in it or not, is completely up to him.

    It's not a purchase just for 200mhz, unless that's the only way you look at it.
  8. Yes, you have a CPU limitation.
  9. Quote:
    How is he going to be able to use it on a future build??

    Both AMD and Intel have moved to new sockets.

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler RR-B10-212P-G1, for Intel Socket LGA1366/1156/775 and AMD Socket AM3/AM2+/AM2 CPUs
  10. Quote:

    Where in that list do you see socket AM3+, socket1155, or socket2011??????????????????????

    Cmon dude, don't give the guy advice if you don't know what your talking about.

    Just as Thermalright released new mounting brackets for the sockets it's initial release did not cover I'm quite sure Cooler Master is more than capable to do the same, so that they can continue selling their heat sinks, that's seriously a moot point IMO

    What is your problem here ZZFH, it sure isn't because I'm passing out bad information!

    When new sockets hit the market heat sink manufacturers don't make totally new heat sinks, they make mounting brackets to adapt the heat sink to the new socket, now which one of us, doesn't know what they're talking about.

    Isn't necessary for Cooler Master to take the adapter route yet since the Hyper 212+ pretty much fits whats presently available.

    Now are we done?
  11. ^ Affirmative, If he upgrades to a socket necessary for that, he can still upgrade quite a substantial amount and stay within the socket ranges it already covers, hopefully the new socket releases will cause price drops in the existing socket configurations, to make things better for all our upgrade considerations.
  12. at that resolution, your old cpu amd 9950 are indeed bottlenecking the card. Get the amd phenom 2 955 or 965...u will see a huge improvement. yes, your motherboard compatible with the new am3 processors with bios update.
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