How to find wep key

i had a wep key i forgot it so i cannot browse
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  1. Check the box the router came in for the manual or quick start leaflet.

    Connect the computer and router using an ethernet cable and log in to the router's setup pages.

    Go to wireless security settings and create a new security passphrase -- I'd use WPA rather than WEP, if available.

    Write down the passphrase and apply it to wireless adapter in your computer. Disconnect ethernet cable. Connect wirelessly.
  2. hi, i got a ps3 around a week ago and have a phone line, mobile broadband, and 2 sky boxes in the house but no router! is there a way i can still get the ps3 online?!?! some1 help lol
  3. bonker-88 : I think you might get more response if you posted your query as a new thread.

    And, no I don't think you can get online without a modem/router -- but I don't know much about PS3, maybe it contains an ADSL modem.
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