Computer stuttering. Help needed.

Im not sure which part of the forum i should ask my question, so im sorry if i d posted in the wrong section.

Id been experiencing micro-stuttering wif my computers and its getting worse as of lately. what i mean by stuttering is that my comp would totally stop working, the screen, mouse/ keyboard inputs will b stopped, any sound from the comp will be frozen at that tone, and dat last for about less than a sec, then things goes back to normal. this happens randomly, maybe once every 30 mins. recently its been worse to the extend that sometimes the freeze last for 5 secs, but then everythign goes back to normal.

Im not even sure its a hardware or software problem.
I m using on win7, but im dual-booting on ubuntu 11.04. the wierd thing is that i dont experienced this on natty.
I d reformatted my comp since this happened and its not helping at all. ( its been lic dis for almost a year and i still cant find the solution)

proc: phenom be550 im not overclocking them.
mobo: msi 770-c35
ram 4gb ddr kingston value ram
graphics: ati hd4850
psu: coolermaster rs-460-psap-js 460W
hdd: carviar black 1 tb and another secondary old seagate hdd 320gb specifically used just for dls.

any1 hav any idea why dis happens?
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  1. Can u look in event viewer for what is happening...

  2. werner123 said:
    Hi, it's a hardware problem.

    Might it be a power supply problem? the place where i live had very unstable power supply. I dont think its a psu issue cos id just changed the psu ( a recent powersurge killed the previous psu).

    I dont think its heat cos da temperature is about 20++ to 40C for the gpu n cpu.

    But i wonder why its more susceptible in windows 7? i never encouter this in ubuntu so far.

    btw, i do experience sometimes something like:

    "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."
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