I just got some free 2GB ram that's 800mhz and I have a T7300 processor with 800 FSB. What would my Optimal FSB:DRAM ratio be?
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  1. That FSB is "quad-pumped" so it's raw clock rate is 200 MHz (800 / 4).

    DDR is "double data rate" so the raw clock rate of your DRAM is 400 MHz.

    FSB : DRAM = 1 : 2 (i.e. 200 : 400)

    Download and run CPU-Z for confirmation:

    CPU-Z reports "Bus Speed" and "Rated FSB".

    Yours should be a Bus Speed = 200 MHz and Rated FSB = 800 MHz
    (at stock settings).

    I hope this helps.

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