Setting up a scratch drive ?

i have the western digital caviar black and i was told to setup a scratch drive for photoshop. do i need to setup something just as fast so i do not bottleneck the system or since it is a slave can it be any old slow hard drive that maybe laying around my house. how about in old i d e or parallel port hard drive because i have a few of those and no sata or should i just get a cheap sata.

sorry if there is grammatical errors in this message i m doing it through voice to text translation over my phone
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  1. How large is your main HDD? If large enough, you can set up the disk space on it and be able to maintain your speed (at least as fast as your system).

    You could use an older drive, but you likely to not be happy loading large files, particularly if you used an old parallel port HDD (I hope you really meant PATA) or a USB1 drive.

    An IDE (PATA) drive, if fairly modern like an ATA-100 or 133, would also work as long as it is large enough to meet your needs.

    Adding another SATA drive may not be required. It really just depends on what you have to work with from what you have on hand now.

    So, what do you have (make/model/capacity)?
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