GA-G31M-ES2C - my comp wont turn on after FSB voltage change. =S

guys, i changed the FSB voltage(in bios) from normal to +0.1 and then the computer turned off. i was expecting it to turn on back again by itself just like when i adjust the fsb speed, but this time it didnt. i pressed the power button and it wont start. so i opened the comp and tried to short the reset cmos pins. i used a screw driver to connect the 2 pins since i have no jumper to use. i also removed the battery for 1 minute - and returned it after. but my computer still wont start!!! what should i do??
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  1. help please..
  2. Try unplugging the PSU from the wal. Press the power on button to discharge the PSU. Remove the battery for at least 5 minutes and short the reset CMOS pins. That should default the BIOS.
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