Cannot find specified file error moving files to pen drive


i am getting a lot of problems with a 1GB kingston pen drive i just bought.i cannot transfer files to the pen drive ,most of the time
i get the following error message :
error copying file or folder

cannot copy "filename" : cannot find the specified file.

make sure you specify the correct path and file name

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  1. Most of the time? Does that mean that you sometimes can copy files? If yes, what are the differences between the files that do copy and don't? Filesize?
  2. Sometimes when devices (pen drive) are added, the drive letter of other existing drives changes. Programs that reference the old drive letter will output an error message similar to the one you are seeing.

    I overcome this by changing the drive letter of my DVD drives to "M" and "N", external storage HDD to "Z", and backup drive (external) to "S". Now when I insert a thumb drive (pen drive), it assumes the drive letter "D", "E", etc. and is consistent. Works for me.
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