[e2160 OC to 3.2 GHz on 1.525V] Is temperature 70*C (on cpu) Safe?

I over clocked my E2160 to 3.2 GHz with V Core of 1.525 but the temperatures after 3minutes in ORTHOS (Small FFTs - stress CPU) are reaching 70-71 on CPU and about 71-72 on Cores. Is it safe to leave it like that? I don't wanna burn my cpu or do any damage to him...

My CPU Cooler (which i recently got well about month ego) is Scythe Mugen 2 Rev B.

I got in bios set my CPU warning temperature to 70*C and it's starting to Beeeb when the temp in orthos is getting to 70 but i want to be sure if this temperature is perfectly safe and aside from that what is the maximum safe temperature for this CPU? 85*C as the Intel spec's say or what?

Just tell me if this one is safe, or should i change (down clock my cpu to get lower temp) or do something else... and tell me please what is the max safe temp. for this CPU. Thank You in advance.

PS: It's not an instant 70-71 temperature on CPU, it's jumping i see for some second's it on 68-69, then it jumps to 70-71 or 72... i was having Core-Temp running in background as well when i tested with orthos and it shows me
TJ Max. 85*C
and on both cores - Low: 44*C High: 13*C...
I have it set to show "Delta to Tjunction max temp."
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  1. Vcore is too high. Intel's recommended limit is 1.50 volts.
  2. I have it lover but i got from time to time BSod Stop 000124 (something like that) and the same error poops out frequently in WOW :/ so i searched and come to this article http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/pentium-dual-core,1683-4.html my VCore was something aroud 1.42500 before, now it's set to 1.52500

    So i dunno, what vcore should be set in bios for this CPU :/ i think the bsod appears because of to low vcore... but as you see i set it higher and 70*C on cpu...

    CPU-Z Shows something around 1.488 on Vcore. and i was referring to bios vcore in my previous post.
  3. Oh well (i can't edit thats why the double post...) I will drop bellow the 1.5 but what to keep it stable and what about the safe temp?
  4. Stable is relative to usage, I like to be sure that under any circumstances it won't fail so I use OCCT as a suite to test my video card and CPU. As jsc said your vcore is a touch too high, especially if you're already hitting the upper limits of where you should be temperature wise as it appears you might be. The question is whether that represents you're individual core temperatures or your tcase temperature. Speedfan will give you your core temperatures and tcase should show up as "Temp2". So long as its stable and doesn't break 70*C on any of the cores in something like OCCT I'd say you're fine.

  5. I don't have any info from Speed fun because i abandoned this program, I'm tellking you the CPU temp. and the Cores temp... dunno what is this TCase about, i only know about Tjunction and it is messured from Cores. I lovered the VCore now max in stress is about 68 on CPU and about 68-69 on cores thought it's jumping and sometimes i see 65-66 on cpu and 66-67 on cores.

    I wonder if i will have the BSOD Stop 124 screens now :/
  6. have you run any stability program? Under what circumstances are you getting these temperatures?
  7. mcnuggetofdeath said:
    have you run any stability program? Under what circumstances are you getting these temperatures?

    I get those temps only when i run ORTHOS meaning the max ones like 70*C beside, i've never seen 70*C here, the max i've was something around 50something... but i don't remember exactly now.

    You should be able to hit that speed on stock voltage. Why you running 1.5+v???

    It's a myth that you HAVE to raise voltage to get a good overclock. You don't always HAVE to. Don't just raise it for the heck of it, raise it only if you can't get what you want on stock volts.

    My E6300 (1.86ghz) ran 3.45ghz on stock volts or 3.2ghz undervolted.

    Not that i wan't to be rude...or something...but i think it is a common knowledge here that you raise VCore if you needed and in my case i wouldn't rise it if it was working on stock... to actually run my cpu on 3.2 the minimum i need to get was hmm let me think ( i was doing it like 2 months ego...) hmm something around 1.4...something below of that my pc would not start...after a while he would reset all settings to default value.
  8. PS: For now the PC is running stable, i was doing quick 1h ORTHOS and 1h WoW session and didn't seen the BSOD as of now.
    Temp on my core is something around 41-42 when i don't do anything much, and have opened Google Chrome with 10 tabs, 2 communicators and some other small programs like antywirus and stuff. Also for now (On Windows 7 x64) using default Basic Style. (no the classic one, the one without aero but styled)
  9. PS2: Temperature in my room is something around 31*C as of now, and my PC case isn't placed on floor but on desk where i am now.

    PS3: Triple post... i have no idea why i can't edit my posts :/

    PS4: *C stands for temperature in Celsius.
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