9800GTX not found

asus m3n78 Motherboard
4gb Ocz ram
coolermaster 650w (2 6pin deelys)
Zotac 9800GTX

Installed the latest drivers, both 6 pin are in, perhaps not enough power from PSU? But I cannot find the card in device manager>display adapters, only the 8200 onboard graphics

Thanks guys
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  1. How can you find the onboard if the video cable is hooked into your 9800gtx?
    Actually you should disable the onboard prior to installing the 9800
  2. Hi, Thanks, it works now, no power problems and a 5.9 on vista rating, anyone can discern if that sounds right

    I couldn't tell you how it fixed, I did however disable the onboard graphics (while it wasn't showing the card in display) then turned the pc off, so I'm presuming once it rebooted it found the 9800?

    Thanks for your help rolli, I will keep that in mind till next time

    Thanks for putting up with me
  3. I haven't changed or connected anything physically whatsoever since the installation-problem.

    If that was fact or sarcasm, I'll have to kindly ask you to put a little /sarcasm or /fact beside your text next time :)

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