Internet link unstable in Netgear Router

I have Netgear Wireless ADSL + Router, Model No. is DG834GIN.
I am facing a problem that the internet link is unstable whenever i use my netgear router. But if i use any other router, then it works finr. The link keeps on blinking and get stable for very short time like 5mins. But whenever i use any other router, then the link is stable, dn it doesnt give any problem.
Can u give me any suggestion?
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  1. Try a firmware update, if available. I had a problem similar to yours with a linksys and buffalo rotuers. Tried a D-link and have had no problems since.
  2. Hey buddy, i have alo updated thefirmware, but it still have the same issue.
  3. If your other router works fine then I would say that something just isn't right with the new one. I would return it if you can and try a different brand or just use your other one.
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